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Value Investor Insight has a straightforward goal: To deliver the highest-quality investment ideas, insights and analysis to savvy investors, both professionals and individuals.  The value investor's credo - only buy when there is a substantial margin of safety relative to intrinsic value - has more than stood the test of time.  According to independent investment firm Ibbotson Associates, value investing has outperformed growth investing by nearly 5 percentage points per year since June 1932. As Warren Buffett’s long-time partner Charles Munger put it, "All intelligent investing is value investing."

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Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Behind Value Investor Insight
Whitney Tilson is a New York-based investment manager who for more than six years has successfully managed several value-oriented hedge funds. He also writes a regular investment column for The Motley Fool website.
John Heins is President of Value Investor Media, Inc. His over 20 years of media experience includes serving as a reporter for Forbes, Senior Vice President of AOL’s Personal Finance business, and Chief Executive Officer of Bertelsmann AG’s U.S. magazine subsidiary.
Current Issue Highlights
Investor Insight: Richard Pzena. Not afraid of controversy:  Why he's betting on Freddie Mac, Whirlpool and Hewlett-Packard.
Investor Insight: Zeke Ashton. Seeking value in "no-man's" land,
and finding Laboratory Corp. of
America and Shimano.
Behind the Numbers: Costco Low-margin and expensive, or
perpetual growth machine trading
at a discount to value?
Uncovering Value: QQQQ Puts. "It’s like buying Miami hurricane
insurance at
Toronto prices."
Of Sound Mind: “Gut” Investing. Should instinct play a central role
in investment decisions?
Editors’ Letter:
The game is to keep learning ...
or other people will pass you by.
And much more ….

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